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TimesUnion | diabetes

I had the honor of being featured in a TimesUnion article written by Deanna Fox.  Please give the article a read, it is a great insight on [...]

Total Wellness Tuesday

This week on was invited to be on Radio 100.9 The Cat, with hosts Jake and Dana.  It was a wonderful experience and I look forward in doing [...]

Nut Zez promotes healthy fats, Capital Region Business Beat | Nut Zez promoting healthy fats

Be sure to check us out on Time Warner Cable today! Inside scoop of Nut Zez and what we are all about. Or watch it on: [...]

Empire Of Almonds

I had the great honor of being interviewed by WAMC Northeast Public Radio You can listen to the entire interview  by visiting at & [...]

American Diabetes Expo

3/14/15   This weekend I was honored by being asked to present a motivational lecture on “Living Beyond Diabetes” at the American D [...]

Today’s Women News13

Feb 26 2015 Great experience! Thank you ALL who were part of it and have supported me along the way. Many of you know the story from the beg [...]

Embrace Change, Be Legendary

2/23/15   Well, a lot has happened since my last post so I will probably choose from the highlights that pop into my brain. Oh Nut Zez [...]

2014 A-Nation Championships Documentary

I just have to take a moment and let this video resurface. We are ALL in this world together fighting battles nobody else might even know ab [...]

Do what makes your heart race

1/2/15 2015 DO WHAT MAKES YOUR HEART RACE. LET IT RESONATE IN YOUR SOUL, THEN FED IT. That was my late night thought as I couldn’t sleep f [...]

Nut Zez is on the shelves of Niskayuna Co-Op

12/9/14   As this company grows day by day I get this feeling that we still aren’t doing enough. Enough to get the word out about all [...]

Owning my faults, my desires, my hopes, strengths, hurdles, struggles and my heart

10/10/2014 My first bodybuilding competition was the start of owning myself. That is, owning my faults, my desires, my hopes, strengths, hur [...]

Almond butters are really not JUST almond butters

10/9/2014 This past weekend we were at Best Fitness in Schenectady for the Body Pump Launch, the Esperance Elks Lodge Craft Fair and Saratog [...]

Bridging the gap between my fitness life and my almond butter life

      10/1/2014 This past weekend was an exciting one for me. It gave me an opportunity to look forward to the future of wher [...]

My journey in spreading a healthier lifestyle for people

      9/23/2014 Recently I decided I would start a little blog about my journey in spreading a healthier lifestyle for people [...]
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