September 2014

I hope everyone enjoyed their last weekend of summer! September’s Limited Edition Butter is a healthy creation to hold onto that last bit of summer. Enjoy this months S’mores Butter made with all natural marshmallow creme made from brown rice syrup layered with the classic

Upcoming Events:

9/8 Poise Studios at 5 Vista Blvd Slingerlands NY 12159 from 5-7pm

9/13 Apple & Wine Festival at Altamont Fairgrounds from 10am-6pm

9/14 Apple & Wine Festival at Altamond Fairgrounds from 10am-5pm


Did you know?

When almonds are processed, the natural oils from nuts are extracted which act as a natural preservative. This is why natural almond butters will separate. To avoid having to stir the jar every time you dive into your Nut Zez Almond Butter, store the jars upside down.


To reduce and reuse, bring back your old Almond Butter jars for $1 off of your next purchase of a 12oz jar.


Batch Buddies:

What is a Batch Buddy?

Members of the Batch Buddy Club will receive a 12oz jar of the Limited Edition Butter every month without having to put in an order. Members will be billed at the beginning of the month and a jar will arrive to them within the first week of the month. NO need to order, wait or wonder when you will get your butter.

How to become a Batch Buddy:

Go to the Batch Buddy page and click on the SUBSCRIBE button.  That’s it !  That simple !

What next?

Sit and wait for the next creative, healthy and delicious Limited Edition butter to wind up in your kitchen!


I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the next few events. Stay tuned for updates on more events and new exciting endeavors for these delicious Nut Zez butters!


Amanda Zezima Founder Nut Zez

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